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King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 Review: Precision and Innovation

The golfing landscape is forever evolving with the introduction of advanced technology and innovative design. The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 putter is a prime example of this evolution, bringing an unprecedented level of precision and stability to the game. This putter is a masterpiece of engineering, combining the latest in 3D printing technology with Cobra’s relentless pursuit of performance.

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King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 Putter

At the core of the King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35’s design is its 3D printed lattice cartridge, forged aluminum face, and a high-performance Pebax insert. These components work in harmony to deliver unmatched stability and a consistent launch, ensuring predictable rolls and optimal feel with every putt.

The Grandsport 35 also boasts the highest MOI (Moment of Inertia) in the Cobra putter lineup, attributed to its intelligent design and strategic weight distribution. This results in enhanced forgiveness and accuracy, making it the perfect choice for golfers aiming to reduce their scores.


  • Advanced 3D printing technology enhances performance and feel.

  • Forged aluminum face and Pebax insert deliver consistent launch and rolls.

  • High MOI design offers unmatched stability and forgiveness.

  • Aesthetic and modern design appeals to a wide range of golfers.

  • Adjustable weight system to fit personal preference.


  • Premium price point due to advanced manufacturing processes.

  • The complexity of technology may not appeal to traditionalists.



  • Head Type: Mallet.

  • Material: Multi-material including 3D printed lattice, forged aluminum, and Pebax.

  • Shaft Length Options: 33″, 34″, 35″.

  • Head Weight: Adjustable.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

  1. Utilizes groundbreaking 3D printing technology for intricate internal structures.
  2. Forged aluminum face for a consistent launch and predictable rolls.
  3. High MOI design for unmatched stability and forgiveness.
  4. Pebax insert for superior feel and feedback.
King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 Review

Key Features and Technical Specifications


The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 excels in providing a stable and consistent putting stroke, thanks to its high MOI and strategic weight distribution. The forged face and Pebax insert ensure a consistent launch and soft, predictable rolls, offering golfers unparalleled control on the greens.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal:

This putter is a visual marvel, showcasing the capabilities of 3D printing technology not just for functional benefits but also for its aesthetic prowess. Its sleek, modern design sets it apart on the course, making it a statement piece in any golfer’s bag.

Weight and Balance:

The adjustable weight system allows for personalized balance and feel, catering to the unique preferences of each golfer. This customization ensures that the Grandsport 35 feels like a natural extension of the player’s body, promoting a smooth and confident putting stroke.

Grip and Feel:

The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35’s grip is designed for ultimate comfort and control, enhancing the overall feel and performance of the putter. The tactile experience it offers ensures a steady hand through the entire stroke, boosting the golfer’s confidence on the green.

King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 Review

Why We Like It:

The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 stands out for its innovative use of 3D printing technology, combined with the precision of a forged aluminum face and the soft feel of a Pebax insert.

It offers an unmatched putting experience, making it a favorite among golfers seeking to elevate their game with the latest in golfing technology.

Cobra’s commitment to innovation and performance is evident in every aspect of the Grandsport 35’s design and construction. It’s not just a putter; it’s a testament to what modern technology can achieve in the quest for the perfect putt.

Best For:

Golfers seeking cutting-edge technology and design in their putter to improve stability, consistency, and overall performance on the greens. Ideal for players at all skill levels who value precision and innovation.

Value for Money:

While the King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 may carry a premium price tag, its advanced technology, superior performance, and unmatched feel make it a worthwhile investment for serious golfers looking to gain an edge on the greens.

King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 Review


The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 putter is a groundbreaking addition to the world of golf, setting new standards for innovation, performance, and design. Its unique combination of 3D printed components, forged aluminum face, and high MOI design offers golfers of all levels the precision, stability, and confidence needed to excel on the green.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an ambitious amateur, the Grandsport 35 is designed to elevate your game and redefine what you expect from a putter.

The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 Putter was featured in our Best Golf Putter for Beginners Ranking?

Yes, it was featured in our Most Forgiving Putter for Beginners Ranking. You can find more detailed information and see where it stands among other top choices for beginners by visiting those links. 

Golf Putters Reviews

King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35

Best Putters

  • Alignment: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Balance: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Feel: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Forgiveness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Grip: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



What makes the Cobra 3D putter stand out in terms of design?

The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 features a cutting-edge 3D printed putter head, making it one of the most innovative Cobra putters on the market.

This design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures optimal performance on the green by precisely controlling the distribution of weight to achieve the highest MOI among Cobra putters.

How does the 3D printed structure of Cobra putters support a golfer’s strokes?

The 3D printed lattice structure within the head provides unmatched support and energy return.

This unique construction ensures that strokes are more consistent and forgiving, enabling golfers to maintain control and precision with every putt.

Can you explain the significance of toe hang in this Cobra putter?

Toe hang refers to the balance point of the putter when you rest it on your fingers. It affects how the putter head rotates during a stroke.

The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35 is designed to offer a specific toe hang to complement the putting strokes of golfers who have a slight arc in their putting path, ensuring that the head remains aligned with the intended direction of the shot.

What type of loft options are available with the Cobra putters, and why does it matter?

Cobra putters, including the 3D Grandsport 35, offer a range of loft options to fit the individual needs of golfers.

With five different loft settings, golfers can select the one that best matches their stroke and the green’s conditions. The right loft helps ensure that the ball rolls smoothly over the grass with minimal skipping or bouncing, making the accuracy of each putt more predictable.

How does the center of gravity affect the performance of the putter head?

The center of gravity in a putter head plays a crucial role in stabilizing the putter during a stroke.

The King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35’s 3D printed structure allows for precise manipulation of the center of gravity, ensuring it supports consistent and accurate strokes by reducing twisting on off-center hits.

What is the importance of the rest position in Cobra putters?

The rest position, or how the putter sits naturally on the ground, is critical for alignment and confidence before the stroke.

Cobra putters are engineered to ensure that when at rest, the putter head aligns perfectly with the target, providing visual support to the golfer and promoting a more accurate putt.

How do the 3D printed components in Cobra putters make a difference in a golfer’s game?

The 3D printed components in Cobra putters, specifically the King Cobra 3D Grandsport 35, make a significant difference by allowing for intricate internal geometries that are impossible to create with traditional manufacturing.

This results in optimized weight distribution, enhanced forgiveness, and improved feel, which together contribute to a better overall putting performance.

Why should I ensure to choose a Cobra putter with the correct loft for my game?

Choosing a Cobra putter with the correct loft is essential because it directly impacts the ball’s initial roll and overall putting distance control.

A loft that is too high or too low for your stroke can lead to inconsistent ball contact and unpredictable results. By selecting a putter with the appropriate loft, you can achieve a smoother roll and more consistent distance control, which are key to lowering your scores on the green.



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