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Callaway Epic Max LS: Master Control & Distance

The journey to mastery in the game of golf is a testament to precision, skill, and, most importantly, the right equipment. The Callaway Epic Max LS driver emerges as a beacon of innovation, setting new standards in the golfing world.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this driver is a product of Callaway’s commitment to excellence, designed to transform your game from the ground up. With its advanced technology and unmatched performance features, the Epic Max LS stands ready to earn its place in your golf bag, promising to enhance your play with every swing.

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Epic Max LS Driver

Embracing the Epic Max LS means aligning yourself with a lineage of performance that Callaway Golf has nurtured over the years. This driver is more than just a club; it’s a pivotal piece of golfing technology that has been engineered to propel your game into new realms of possibility.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a neutral ball flight or unlock more speed off the tee, the Callaway Epic Max LS driver stands ready to deliver. It embodies the pinnacle of golf club innovation, offering a blend of performance, precision, and power that is unmatched in the modern game.


  1. Low Spin & High Forgiveness: The Epic Max LS is possibly the most fade-capable driver, offering low spin with an ultra high MOI package for maximum forgiveness.

  2. Adjustability: Sliding weight and adjustable loft options allow for shot shape correction and fine-tuning ball flight.

  3. Speed & Distance: Enhanced ball speeds due to the Jailbreak Speed Frame and AI-designed Flash Face.

  4. Sound & Feel: Exceptionally good feedback on impact, satisfying even the most discerning golfers.

  5. Aesthetics: Sleek design with a focus on aerodynamics and a visually appealing clubhead.


  1. Price: Premium technology comes at a premium price, which may be a consideration for some.

  2. Complexity: The range of adjustability and advanced features might overwhelm beginners or those who prefer a simpler driver.



  • Clubhead Size: 460cc

  • Loft Options: Adjustable (with multiple settings)

  • Shaft Length: Standard (with custom options available)

  • Weight: Variable (due to adjustable perimeter weighting)

  • Material: Triaxial Carbon and Titanium

  • Aerodynamics: Designed for reduced drag and increased speed

  • Price: Premium (reflecting its advanced technology and performance capabilities)

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

  1. The Epic Max LS has been dubbed “the most fade-capable driver” in Callaway’s lineup.

  2. It utilizes a high MOI package and Jailbreak Speed Frame technology for superior performance.

  3. The driver is part of the renowned Epic family, known for integrating advanced technologies to enhance player performance.

Key Features and Technical Specifications

Design & Technology:

The Callaway Epic Max LS incorporates Callaway’s proprietary triaxial carbon covers, significantly reducing the clubhead’s weight while allowing for strategic redistribution of mass. This results in high MOI (Moment of Inertia) figures, translating to greater forgiveness.

Sound & Feel:

This driver delivers a satisfying sound and feel at impact, a testament to Callaway’s attention to detail in every aspect of design and engineering.

Adjustability & Forgiveness:

With adjustable perimeter weighting and an adjustable neutral CG (Center of Gravity), the Epic Max LS offers an exceptional combination of low spin, high forgiveness, and fine-tuned shot shape correction.

Performance Enhancements:

The Jailbreak Speed Frame, influenced by previous jailbreak architectures but uniquely enhanced, works in harmony with the Flash Face designed by applying artificial intelligence. This duo promotes fast speeds across a more significant part of the club face.

Performance Analysis:

Independent tests and launch monitor data reveal that the Epic Max LS consistently delivers lower spin numbers and increased ball speeds, leading to impressive carry distances and a neutral ball flight that many golfers desire.

Epic Max LS Driver image

Why Consider the Epic Max LS Driver?

When it comes to elevating your golf game, the Callaway Epic Max LS driver is not just a choice; it’s a declaration of your commitment to excellence. Renowned for its groundbreaking technologies, such as the Jailbreak Speed Frame and proprietary Triaxial Carbon covers, this driver ensures enhanced ball speed and a significantly lower spin.

Its design is tailored to offer an optimal ball flight path, allowing for greater distance and accuracy. With the integration of the Project X HZRDUS Smoke shaft, the Epic Max LS offers unmatched stability and control, making it a favorite among golfers looking to fine-tune their game.

The Epic Max LS driver by Callaway is a testament to what can be achieved when cutting-edge technology meets golfing craftsmanship. The incorporation of a sliding weight system provides unparalleled adjustability, enabling golfers to customize their shot shape and ball flight for maximum performance on the course.

This driver is not just about hitting the ball harder; it’s about enhancing every aspect of your play, from swing speed to carry distance, ensuring that each drive is as rewarding as it is powerful.

Who is the Epic Max LS Driver For?

The Callaway Epic Max LS is ideal for mid to low handicappers seeking to maximize their driving performance through advanced technology and adjustability. It’s not as suitable for beginners who might not benefit fully from its range of features.


In the realm of golf where innovation meets tradition, the Callaway Epic Max LS driver stands as a paragon of modern golfing excellence. This driver, meticulously crafted with the golfer’s performance in mind, has set a new benchmark in the industry.

Through the integration of the Jailbreak Speed Frame and AI-enhanced Flash Face technology, it has achieved a leap in ball speed and spin robustness, marking a significant evolution from previous models.

The application of Project X HZRDUS Smoke shafts further complements its design, offering golfers enhanced control and the ability to shape shots with unprecedented precision. It’s a testament to Callaway Golf’s relentless pursuit of perfection, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with each swing.

The Callaway Epic Max LS has performed remarkably under rigorous testing, showcasing its ability to deliver more forgiveness and a sweet spot that players dream of.

Its innovative design not only promotes fast speeds but also ensures stability, allowing golfers to achieve their desired ball flight with ease. The strategic weight savings and structural enhancements have culminated in a driver that is not just efficient in its function but also unparalleled in its class.

Whether it’s reducing spin for a tighter shot dispersion or leveraging the adjustable features to fine-tune the launch conditions, the Epic Max LS driver delivers on its promise of superior performance.

As we consider the impact of the Callaway Epic Max LS driver on the golfing landscape, it’s clear that it has redefined expectations for professional and amateur golfers alike. The synergy between the Jailbreak technology and the Project X HZRDUS shafts underscores Callaway’s commitment to advancing the game through innovation.

This driver is not merely a tool for the game; it’s a conduit for achieving greatness on the course, offering a level of adaptability and precision that was once thought unattainable. With every swing, it challenges the status quo, inviting golfers to explore new horizons of their capabilities.

In conclusion, the Callaway Epic Max LS driver is more than just another piece of golfing equipment; it’s a symbol of evolution in the sport. Its introduction has forever altered the landscape of golf, setting new standards for what players can expect from their clubs.

The marriage of the Project X HZRDUS Smoke shafts with Callaway’s advanced clubhead technologies creates a driver that not only promises exceptional performance but also delivers it.

For those seeking to elevate their game, the Epic Max LS offers an unparalleled opportunity to harness speed, control, and finesse like never before. It’s not just a driver; it’s the future of golf, today.

Concluding our review of the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver, it’s evident that this club is a formidable ally on the golf course, especially for those seeking to refine their game. Celebrated for its advanced engineering and performance, the Epic Max LS is prominently featured in our best golf drivers 2023 and best drivers for mid handicappers guides. Delve into these sections to discover how the Epic Max LS provides a superior blend of distance, accuracy, and adjustability, making it an essential choice for golfers aiming to elevate their performance.

Golf Driver Reviews

Callaway Epic Max LS

Best Drivers

Alignment: ★★★★
Balance: ★★★★ ……
Grip: ★★★★½
Forgiveness: ★★★★★
Distance: ★★★★½


1. What makes the Callaway Epic Max LS driver stand out in the golf industry?

The Callaway Epic Max LS driver sets a new standard with its advanced Jailbreak Speed Frame technology, which promotes fast speeds across a wider area of the club face.

Integrated with Artificial Intelligence, the Flash Face design optimizes ball speed for unparalleled performance. This driver is a testament to Callaway’s commitment to innovation and excellence in making drivers.

2. How does the Project X HZRDUS Smoke shaft benefit the Epic Max LS driver?

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke shaft is designed for players looking for low spin and maximum stability. This shaft, when combined with the Epic Max LS’s high MOI and ultra-thin club face, allows golfers to achieve greater distance and accuracy, making it a perfect match for the Epic Max LS driver.

3. Can I expect more ball speed with the Callaway Epic Max LS driver?

Absolutely. The Epic Max LS driver, engineered with Callaway’s proprietary Flash Face technology and the use of Artificial Intelligence, is designed to provide more ball speed across the face.

This, combined with the low spin characteristics of the driver, ensures maximum speed and distance.

4. Is the Epic Max LS driver suitable for golfers who want to reduce spin?

Yes, the Epic Max LS is specifically designed with features to reduce spin. Its advanced aerodynamic head shape and the optimized CG location foster low spin rates, making it an ideal choice for players aiming to achieve a more neutral ball flight with less spin.

5. How does Callaway’s use of Artificial Intelligence in the Epic Max LS driver improve performance?

Callaway’s application of Artificial Intelligence in designing the Epic Max LS’s Flash Face has revolutionized driver performance by optimizing the club face to promote increased ball speeds and improved spin robustness.

This AI integration ensures that golfers experience improved performance, especially in terms of distance and accuracy.

6. What kind of golfer is the Callaway Epic Max LS driver designed for?

The Callaway Epic Max LS driver is targeted at golfers who are looking for a combination of low spin, high forgiveness, and the ability to fine-tune their launch and trajectory.

Its advanced features make it particularly suited for mid to low handicappers who want to enhance their game.

7. How does the adjustability feature of the Callaway Epic Max LS driver work?

The Callaway Epic Max LS driver features a sliding weight system that allows golfers to adjust the center of gravity (CG) to control shot shape and ball flight. This level of adjustability ensures that players can customize their driver to match their swing style and preferences for better performance on the course.

8. What are the key technological innovations in the Callaway Epic Max LS driver?

Key innovations include the Jailbreak Speed Frame for increased ball speeds, Flash Face technology for optimized performance across the face, and a high MOI design for greater forgiveness. The integration of a Project X HZRDUS Smoke shaft further enhances stability and control.

9. How does the Callaway Epic Max LS driver’s design contribute to more forgiveness?

The Callaway Epic Max LS driver’s design incorporates an ultra-high MOI package, which means it is more forgiving on off-center hits. The strategic distribution of weight and the optimized head shape help maintain speed and accuracy, even when the ball is not struck perfectly.

10. What feedback can players expect from the Callaway Epic Max LS driver in terms of feel and sound?

Players can expect a satisfying feel and sound from the Callaway Epic Max LS driver, thanks to its carefully engineered structure that improves stability and the premium materials used in its construction. The feedback at impact is both reassuring and indicative of the powerful performance the driver delivers.

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