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Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor Review. Simulator Guide

In the world of golf technology, the Mevo Plus stands out as a pinnacle of innovation, blending advanced radar and camera technologies to offer a comprehensive golfing experience.

This portable golf launch monitor, developed by FlightScope, utilizes fusion tracking technology to provide unmatched data accuracy, capturing both radar data and high-speed image processing to deliver the most accurate golf performance data available.

The FlightScope Mevo launch monitor is a game changer for golf enthusiasts, offering a level of detail and precision previously available only to professionals.

With its ability to measure a wide range of data points from minimum launch angles to maximum ball velocity, the radar data captured is comprehensive. It maps the ball’s journey on virtual renditions of famous golf courses, providing consistent data on every shot.

Engineered with multiple cameras, the system meticulously tracks ball direction, ensuring golfers have all the critical feedback needed to improve their game.


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The FlightScope Mevo launch monitor represents a leap forward in golf technology, offering both indoor and outdoor functionality.

This compact yet powerful launch monitor is engineered to provide accurate feedback on every aspect of your swing, from your club path to a detailed analysis of both the minimum and maximum values of your ball’s flight characteristics.

Whether you’re perfecting your drive on the driving range or navigating the virtual nuances of world-renowned golf courses, the Mevo Plus stands out as an exceptional tool for enhancing your performance and understanding of the game.


  • Fusion tracking introduces an innovative combination of radar data and high-speed image processing, ensuring accurate shot analysis.

  • Offers extensive video capabilities, allowing for instant review and the ability to automatically record and store video.

  • Comprehensive and customizable phone and PC software, including the FS Golf app, enriches the practice experience with a range of data parameters powered by fusion tracking.

  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it the ultimate teaching tool for golfers and coaches alike.

  • The Mevo Pro package expands its capabilities, offering more data parameters for detailed analysis.



High level of detail and data may require a learning curve for optimal utilization.

Best For:

Best For

Serious golfers and instructors looking for ultimate game improvement tools with detailed feedback on every aspect of their game.

Quick Facts: 

Quick Facts

  • Employs fusion tracking technology for detailed capture of ball speed, launch angle, and launch speed.

  • Features multiple cameras to ensure consistent data collection on club path, ball direction, and more.

  • Mobile devices and watch app integration allow users to monitor progress and access preferred performance data blocks on the go.

  • Supports instant feedback with a trajectory screen display for immediate adjustments.

Key Features and Technical Specifications

Best Golf Launch Monitors & Simulators

The Mevo Plus revolutionizes golf practice through its fusion tracking technology, a blend of radar and camera technologies that provides golfers with a detailed analysis of their game.

From minimum and maximum values in ball speed and carry distance to short game data parameters and launch direction, the Mevo Plus covers all aspects of a golfer’s performance. Its comprehensive table of data parameters, including additional data parameters like RX and TX characteristics, vertical swing plane, and D plane data, caters to the needs of both players and fitters.

  • Fusion Tracking: An innovative combination that enhances radar data with high-speed image processing for detailed analysis.

  • Video Capabilities: Integrated video combined with data allows for instant feedback and review.

  • Customizable Data Blocks: Golfers can choose their preferred performance data blocks for focused practice.

  • Outdoor and Indoor Versatility: The ultimate portable golf launch monitor for any environment.

  • Mevo Pro Package: Offers expanded capabilities for even more in-depth analysis.

Comprehensive Review Sections

FlightScope’s Mevo Plus has set a new standard for golf simulators, offering golfers and coaches the ultimate tool for game improvement. Its fusion tracking technology ensures that every shot is captured with high precision, from the launch speed to the roll distance, providing golfers with the accurate golf performance data they need to make informed adjustments.

The device’s video capabilities not only allow for an instant review but also enable players to draw lines and monitor progress through both visual and numerical feedback.

The integration with mobile devices and the FS Golf app ensures that users have instant access to data parameters and video capabilities, making it easier than ever to analyze swings on the fly.

The comprehensive and customizable phone and PC software platforms provide a rich suite of features, from trajectory screen displays to customizable combine assessments, designed to cater to the unique needs of each golfer.

Whether practicing at home, at the driving range, or on the course, the Mevo Plus offers detailed insights into every aspect of the game.

From ball speed and launch angle to more nuanced metrics like short game data parameters and launch direction, this portable launch monitor delivers comprehensive feedback. Its ability to automatically record sessions and provide instant feedback makes it an invaluable asset for golfers looking to improve their game.


The Mevo Plus by FlightScope is more than just a launch monitor; it’s a comprehensive golf improvement tool that brings professional-grade analysis to your fingertips.

With its unmatched data accuracy, powered by fusion tracking technology, golfers can enjoy detailed insights into their game, leading to more informed decisions and better performance on the golf courses.

Embrace the next level of golf training with the Mevo Plus. Its innovative combination of radar and camera technologies, along with the expansive FS Golf app and software ecosystem, offers a holistic approach to improving your golf game.

Whether you’re a beginner aiming to understand the basics or a seasoned pro fine-tuning your skills, the Mevo Plus is your key to unlocking potential and achieving your golfing goals.

Best Golf Launch Monitors & Simulators

In our comprehensive review of the top golf launch monitors and simulators for 2024, the Mevo+ emerges as a standout selection, capturing extensive attention in our detailed assessments. Explore its capabilities and discover why it ranks highly in our launch monitor and simulator analysis. Tailored for enthusiasts searching for the ultimate home indoor golf simulator, the Mevo+ distinguishes itself by also being spotlighted in our selections for the best launch monitor 2023, delivering profound insights to advance your game. Regardless of your skill level, whether you’re embarking on your golf journey or refining your expertise, our in-depth reviews and guides, complete with essential details about the Mevo+, are engineered to revolutionize your at-home golf experience with the forefront of technology.

Best Launch Monitors

Mevo Plus

Best Launch Monitors

Design and Durability: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Accuracy and Data Insights: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Setup and Usability: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Software Ecosystem: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Cost-Effectiveness: ★★★★★★★★★★


The FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor is a state-of-the-art device designed to provide golfers with detailed performance analytics. It combines radar technology with advanced features to offer precise data on various aspects of your golf shots, making it an invaluable tool for both practice and improvement.

Designed for versatility, the Mevo+ functions impeccably as an outdoor launch monitor, allowing golfers to capture and analyze their performance in real-life playing conditions on golf courses. Its portability and durability make it perfect for outdoor use, providing reliable data on carry distance, launch direction, and roll distance.

Yes, the Mevo+ can be integrated with golf simulation software, offering golfers the ability to play on simulated golf courses. This feature enhances practice sessions by allowing golfers to experience a variety of courses virtually, making it a versatile golf simulator.

The Mevo+ offers an ultimate video experience by combining high-quality video recordings with synchronized performance data. This allows golfers to visually analyze their swing alongside the data margins, helping to identify and correct technical aspects more efficiently.

The Mevo+ launch monitor provides comprehensive data including ball speed, launch angle, spin axis, carry distance, and more. Additional data parameters included offer insights into your club speed profile, spin loft, and horizontal swing plane, among others.

The Mevo+ automatically records and stores video of each shot, which can be synced with the accompanying performance data. Golfers can review and analyze these videos through the app, allowing for a detailed breakdown of each swing and shot.

The customizable trajectory view feature allows golfers to adjust how they visualize their shot’s trajectory on the app. This customizable view helps in understanding how different factors like launch direction, spin loft, and launch angle affect the flight and final position of the ball.

Yes, the Mevo+ offers detailed data on spin loft and spin axis, providing golfers with insights into the spin dynamics of their shots. Understanding these metrics is crucial for optimizing ball flight and achieving desired shot shapes.


Absolutely, the Mevo+ is designed to offer the ultimate indoor golfing experience. Its advanced technology and compact design make it ideal for setting up an indoor golf simulator, allowing golfers to practice and play regardless of outdoor conditions.

The Mevo+ is an excellent tool for coaches, offering detailed data and video analysis for each student. Coaches can utilize this information to provide personalized feedback and innovative sessions based on the individual needs of all their students.

The versatility of the FlightScope Mevo launch monitor allows recreational players to choose from a wide range of golf simulators to find one that best fits their needs and preferences. Because the launch monitor is compatible with multiple simulator software platforms, it empowers golfers to customize their experience by selecting a golf simulator that offers the features, courses, and play options they desire, without being limited by hardware compatibility.

The Mevo+ analysis includes a range of additional data parameters such as club speed profile, horizontal swing plane, and customizable trajectory views, offering a comprehensive look at your golfing performance.

Integrating seamlessly with golf simulation software, the Mevo+ enhances the virtual golfing experience by providing accurate real-world data and video capabilities, offering golfers an immersive experience on simulated golf courses.

The Mevo+ stands out due to its fusion of radar data, video capabilities, and the ability to automatically record and sync videos, making it an innovative tool that enriches golf sessions with detailed analytics and visual feedback.

By providing detailed analytics, the Mevo+ helps golfers understand their club speed profile and horizontal swing plane, essential aspects for improving swing mechanics and overall performance.

The Mevo+ offers the ultimate video experience by allowing golfers to review every shot with synced video and data, enabling a comprehensive analysis of their performance. This feature is invaluable for those looking to make precise adjustments to their game.

The FlightScope Mevo launch monitor utilizes advanced algorithms to calculate roll distance with high accuracy within the data margins.

When paired with a golf simulator, this function provides golfers with a realistic representation of how the ball would perform on actual turf.

The Mevo Pro Package extends the capabilities of the launch monitor by providing golfers access to an expanded set of data parameters, including club angle, swing path, and various ball flight statistics, which are critical for deep analysis of one’s game.

Data margins are essential for understanding the variability in a golfer’s shots. The Mevo launch monitor’s precise data margins allow for tighter feedback loops during practice, enabling golfers to focus on consistent shot-making and performance improvement.

The roll distance feature of the Mevo launch monitor is a vital data parameter that contributes to the realism in golf simulation software. It ensures that the simulated ball behavior closely matches what a golfer would expect on a real golf course, enhancing the overall experience.

The FlightScope Mevo launch monitor is designed to be versatile and works with a variety of golf simulators.

While it is optimized for certain simulator packages, its compatibility with different software platforms makes it a flexible choice for golfers looking to pair it with their preferred golf simulator.

Yes, the FlightScope Mevo launch monitor is an excellent tool for both practice sessions and playing virtual rounds of golf. When used with a golf simulator, it provides accurate swing and ball flight data that enhances the practice experience. Additionally, during simulated play, the launch monitor ensures that the virtual gameplay is realistic and translates on-screen performance into tangible skills on the course.

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