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TaylorMade Spider SR Review: Elevate Your Game

In the world of golf, where precision and stability are king, the TaylorMade Spider SR putter emerges as a true game-changer, embodying the pinnacle of innovation and design. Esteemed for its refined stability and groundbreaking technology, the Spider SR is a testament to TaylorMade’s commitment to excellence, delivering unparalleled performance that both amateurs and professionals covet.

At the heart of its design lies the pure roll technology, a tour-proven feature that encourages an optimal forward roll, ensuring that every golf ball starts and stays on its intended line with precision. The putter’s white TPU pure roll insert, complemented by meticulously engineered pure roll grooves, produces a consistency in rolls that is nothing short of remarkable, enhancing the golfer’s confidence on the green.

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TaylorMade Spider SR Putter

What truly sets the TaylorMade Spider SR apart are its cast in sole weights and newly engineered putter shaft, which together create optimized stability and optimize swing weight for a putting experience that is both forgiving and precise.

The multi-material design, featuring two wing weights, not only achieves an exact width for a clear focal point at address but also embodies the essence of archery’s pinpoint precision, allowing golfers to aim and strike with unmatched accuracy.

As golfers search for the perfect addition to their golf clubs, the Spider SR stands out not just for its exceptional performance and roll characteristics but also for its aesthetic appeal. Its design is a harmonious blend of form and function, where every element, from the putter head to the grip, is crafted to enhance the overall putting stroke.

TaylorMade’s Spider SR putter is not merely a tool but a work of art, promising to deliver consistent rolls, refine your game, and elevate your performance to new heights. Whether you’re seeking to improve your swing weight or yearn for the confidence that comes with having a putter that embodies precision and stability, the TaylorMade Spider SR is the ultimate choice for those who refuse to settle for anything but the best.


  1. Provides improved stability and swing weight.
  2. Promotes precise aiming and striking.
  3. Aesthetic design enhances visual appeal.
  4. Adjustable weights to fit personal preference.
  5. Consistent roll characteristics improve putting performance.


  • May be priced higher than other putters in the market.
  • The advanced features might overwhelm beginners.



  • Head Type: Mallet
  • Material: Multi-material including steel and composite
  • Shaft Length Options: 33″, 34″, 35″
  • Head Weight: Adjustable

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

  1. Optimized stability through cast in sole weights and engineered putter shaft.
  2. Multi-material construction for precise aim and striking.
  3. Enhanced aesthetic appeal blending form and function.
TaylorMade Spider SR

Key Features and Technical Specifications


The TaylorMade Spider SR stands out for its exceptional performance on the greens. Its optimized stability, made possible through strategically cast-in sole weights and a meticulously engineered putter shaft, ensures a more consistent swing.

This precision aids golfers in achieving both improved aim and enhanced ball striking capabilities, significantly improving putting performance under various conditions.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal:

At first glance, the Spider SR captivates with its stunning design, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. The multi-material construction not only contributes to the putter’s performance but also gives it a sleek, modern look that distinguishes it from competitors.

Its design speaks to those who value craftsmanship and technology, making it not just a putter but a statement piece in one’s golf bag.

Weight and Balance:

Key to the Spider SR’s success is its adjustable head weight, which allows players to tailor the club’s balance to their individual swing. This customization ensures that the putter feels like an extension of the golfer’s arm, promoting a natural and fluid putting stroke.

The attention to detail in the weight and balance of this putter provides a level of control that can boost the confidence of any golfer.

Grip and Feel:

The grip is the golfer’s only point of contact with the club, and the Spider SR’s grip is designed with comfort and performance in mind. It offers a tactile experience that enhances feel and control, helping to ensure a steady hand through the putting stroke.

The quality of the grip, combined with the overall ergonomics of the putter, delivers a comfortable and confident feel that players will appreciate from the first touch.

TaylorMade Spider SR Review

Why We Like It:

The TaylorMade Spider SR putter stands out for its exceptional blend of performance-enhancing features and design ingenuity, making it a favorite among a wide range of golfers.

What sets this putter apart is its tour-proven pure roll technology, which encourages an optimal forward roll, ensuring that each golf ball starts and stays on its intended path with remarkable consistency.

The pure roll inserts produce a softer yet more precise touch, allowing for better control and feedback at impact. This, combined with the cast in sole weight and the multi-material design engineered for refined stability, offers an unparalleled putting experience.

TaylorMade has truly delivered a putter that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the most demanding players.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced players, the Spider SR benefits from its place within the revered Spider family, known for its commitment to quality and performance.

The single bend shaft and lightweight aluminum body contribute to a balanced feel, making it easier for players to maintain consistent address positions and improve their overall stroke.

The tour-proven technology played by professionals around the world is not just for show; it provides tangible benefits that can help golfers of all skill levels achieve their best on the greens.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to elevate your game, the TaylorMade Spider SR putter is engineered to enhance your performance and confidence from the very first putt.

Best For:

Golfers seeking to improve precision, stability, and overall performance in their putting game. Ideal for both mid to low-handicap players who appreciate a blend of technological advancements and design aesthetics in their clubs.

Value for Money:

Given its exceptional performance, advanced technology, and the precision swing weight system, the TaylorMade Spider SR putter offers significant value for its price point. It’s an investment in your golf game that promises to pay dividends on the green.

TaylorMade Spider SR Review


In conclusion, the all-new TaylorMade Spider SR putter epitomizes excellence in golfing equipment, merging premium materials and cutting-edge design to deliver precise performance on the greens. Its unique TPU Pure Roll insert, coupled with white Pure Roll grooves, ensures every golf ball is greeted with an optimal forward roll and unmatched forgiveness.

TaylorMade’s dedication to refined stability is evident through features like the wing back weights and the single bend shaft, enhancing overall roll characteristics and alignment.

Belonging to the esteemed Spider family, this putter not only stands at the leading edge of innovation but also offers golfers of all levels the confidence to perform at their best. With its precise construction and attention to detail, the Spider SR is a testament to what modern golfers demand for achieving excellence in their game.

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TaylorMade Spider SR

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